South African Food

Biltong is an awesome part of South African food!South Africans are known for their ability to take a typical food and turn it into something memorable. Think about it: boerewors trump sausage by a landslide, Fizz Pops are far more exciting than any other lollipop and biltong isn’t even comparable to American beef jerky. In fact, South African food is often referred to as “rainbow cuisine,” thanks to the many cultures that contributed to the culinary tradition during the colonial period. Immigration gave way to Indian, Afrikaner, and British influences, while household servants added Malaysian and Javan touches. All of these cultures, in addition to indigenous traditions, came together to create a cuisine that can truly be called unique.

Even today, some of the most popular South African dishes stay true to their heritage. Biltong, perhaps the snack expats miss most, was brought to South Africa by the Dutch settlers in the 17th century. Chutney, specifically the popular favorite Mrs Ball’s Chutney, is a product of Indian influence and has even spread to other parts of the world. And peri-peri, the spice that made Nandos famous, was brought to South Africa by the Portuguese settlers.

Where to Buy South African Food Online

Buying South African food online is a great solution for expats who refuse to settle for the Americanized versions of their favorite foods and for foodies who are eager to get a taste of the rainbow cuisine. While some products are imported, such as Five Roses tea, Romany Creams, and other packaged goods, the websites below also supply all the ingredients for your next braai. Boerewors, rump steak, curry sosaties, and lamb sausage are packaged in a cooler box and shipped overnight. Biltong and droewors are also available in a variety of cuts.

The South African Food Shop: “Proudly South African,” is how The South African Food Shop describes itself, and it’s easily understood. A visit here is like a virtual visit back home. With The Cape Cafe for tea time, The Cape Kitchen for traditional ingredients, and even the Ye Olde Pie Shoppe for fresh meat pies and sausage shipped overnight, we love this quirky site. Dessert is just another click away with Lekker Sweets and The Worlds’ Greatest Chocolates.

Biltong SuperStoreBiltong SuperStore: On top of selling a diverse variety of biltong, the Biltong SuperStore educates customers about the benefits and uses of our favorite SA snack. And for that perfect braai, you can even purchase rump steak, lamb sausages and curry sosaties (yum!). Free shipping is offered on 4-packs of biltong.

African HutAfrican Hut: This site pretty much has it all, including an assortment of biltong, boerewors, droewors, and chicken samosas. All the best sweets, chocolates, and biscuits you’ve missed so much (yes, even Nougat) are here, too. African Hut also carries the well-loved South African sauces, spices, and wines. Rounding out the offerings with a special South African feel: novelties, rugby shirts, gifts, and health products are also available.

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