Russian Food

Caviar is one of the Russian foods not often attributed to Russia.While Russian cuisine is known internationally for hearty, “stick-to-your-bones through the frozen winter months” dishes like pilmeni and borsch, Russian food actually represents a wide expanse of cultural influences, as it is largest country in the world area-wise. The omnipresent staple of Russian tea from a samovar was originally a prized gift from a khan in Mongolia. Now it is drunk throughout the day either with varenya or those famous Russian chocolates for which the North American variant is no substitue.

Russian food is exciting, not particularly for its ingredients but for how they are prepared. Seemingly simple products, such as mushrooms and honey, date back to peasant times, but are part of a rich foundation of the unique fare. For example, honey mead, a wine made by fermenting honey and water, has been drunk since before potatoes were introduced to Russia and the establishment of vodka as a de facto national beverage. Additionally, foods like blinis with Russian caviar were originally eaten as part of spiritual celebrations.

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