Italian Food

A stack of multicolored pasta, a staple of Italian food.“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” As the home of pizza and spaghetti, Italy and its culinary traditions hold an iconic place in American food culture and pop culture more broadly. It’s wonderful that signature Italian dishes are easy to find in restaurants, but the ubiquity of the individual ingredients often means it can be difficult to find the real deal when shopping.

Italian cuisine has developed over the course of many centuries, today yielding a diverse range of regional tastes. Northern pasta dishes tend to feature white sauces, as opposed to southern dishes which typically incorporate tomato-based sauces, for example.

Without question, pasta is the most central to Italian cuisine: penne, linguine, rigatoni, lasagna, and a variety of stuffed pastas like ravioli and tortellini offer infinite choices for the quintessential Italian meal. When mixed with a few key fresh ingredients, pasta (ideally made fresh) is transformed into the famous dishes that remind you of the best home cooking: pasta alla cabonaraalla puttanesca, or all’amatriciana might come to mind. In fact, it is the sheer simplicity of Italian food that has made it so appealing to foodies and amateur home cooks alike: most dishes include only half a dozen ingredients and can easily be prepared at home.

Italy’s cheeses and wines are a major part of the cuisine, as are its world-class cured meats and olive oils, but the wide variety of other Italian food delights is not to be overlooked. Whether it’s a delicious pesto, risotto dish, or authentic gnocchi that you’re craving, a great Italian dessert like the beloved biscotti or tiramisu is the perfect way to round out the meal.

Buying Italian food online makes it easy to get all your favorite tastes from home. Everything from parmigiano reggiano, asiago, and romano cheeses to prosciutto, salami, pancetta, and capicola can be shipped to you. Among the great wines and spirits available you can also find Italian favorites like limoncello.

Where to Buy Italian Food Online

Authentic Italian ingredients are hard to find. Many times we may think we’re getting the genuine article, only to be disappointed by the lackluster flavors or sub-par pasta. Look no further because your favorite Italian foods can be ordered from the sites below. Order from these sites and your kitchen will be fully equipped for whipping up authentic Italian specialities!

Ditalia: Visiting Ditalia is like a virtual visit to Italy–you just might be amazed. The site offers a vast selection of salami, imported cheeses, wines, espresso and much more. Hard-to-find treats are here, too, and you’ll find gift baskets and seasonal products for any special occasion.

Italian Food Imports: This purveyor has been around for 70 years ago in the form of a store in Medford, Mass. Now, years later, it has remained a local favorite and has been awarded the prestigious “Best of Boston Magazine” prize (nothing short of a big deal, as Boston’s North End contains dozens of Italian eateries to compete with). Thanks to the website, you can get a taste (or more) of their well-loved products from the comfort of your own home. The very freshest and highest-quality ingredients are imported straight from Italy, including mozzarella cheese, capicola, homemade pasta, beautifully prepared Italian entrees, and more. For example, authentic Italian meatballs in a San Marzano plum tomato sauce–does it get much better than that?

All Things Sicilian: Everything on this site is imported straight from Italy–without a doubt, these products are authentic. All Things Sicilian boasts award-winning nut creams and jams made from 100% Sicilian-grown fruit, nearly impossible to find in the U.S. You’ll also thank us for this source because its products are even sold at local retailers in over 15 states, so find one near you!

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