An Expat Returns Home

My mom recently visited the place that she calls home, South Africa. There, she spent a month traveling from ‘Joburg’ to Cape Town to the KWA Maritane game reserve. She even ventured back to the house she grew up in over 30 years ago! I asked her what stood out the most throughout the whole trip, the one thing that made it apparent to her that she was still connected to this place no matter how much it had changed over the past 30 years. She said, “The people. Having grown up here, I have a connection with them that isn’t replicable in any other place.” I thought I would share some of her adventures with you!

Clifton Beach

Blue skies at the famous Clifton Beach- “The place to sun and be seen,” according to The Travel Channel

Cape Salmon

Freshly caught Cape Salmon

Cape Town Sunset

Stunning sunset

Elephant at the Game Reserve

An elephant grazing at the Game Reserve

Zebra at the Game Reserve

Zebra at the Game Reserve

Sunset at the Game Reserve

Pink sunset at the Game Reserve

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