All About Zii Honey

When we think of honey, most of us picture that cute little honey bear and that smooth sweet taste. Perfection.

Now take that perfection and add a gourmet French twist…Voila!

French Feast, one of our featured French food websites, has a whole section dedicated to different kinds of honey- and we’re not talking boring orange blossom- we’re talking gourmet flavors you may not even know exist.

Lavender Honey- Pure amazingness in a jar. The combination of the two flavors creates something incredible- which makes it the “best-loved of all French honeys” 8.8 oz Jar is $12.00


Forest Honey with Truffle- What is not to love here? Truffled anything and everything has proved itself delicious over the past few years. This honey pairs remarkably with cheeses, breads and fruits. 8.8 oz Jar is $9.70


All Flower Honey- If you like floral tastes then this is your heaven. This honey “reflects the region’s unique mix of wildflower”- from Normandy to Brittany to France. 4 different versions ranging from 8.8 oz for $8.00 to 17.6 oz for $14.40


So there you have it- honey is that cute little bear…and so much more!